November 19th,2017... Trying to polish "A Private Dancer in Mom's Kitchen". Getting closer. Writing the script, "Is My Plumber a Psychopath?". Looking forward to this one. "First Shoot the Lawyers", still streaming on Amazon, FandangoNow, Vimeo, Youtub. We've had some very good feedback. Thanks to Adler and Associates Entertainment, Inc., a very good company.


September 30th, 2017... "First Shoot the Lawyers" now streaming on Amazon, Fandango Now, Vimeo, and YouTube (pay-for-view). Way to go cast and crew! Happy Trails.


July 1st, 2017... "First Shoot the Lawyers" is not streaming on Amazon in nine countries. Way to go cast and crew! Aleta and I are psyched!


February 10th, 2017... All deliverables have been delivered and the movie is ready for distribution. We continue to get very favorable emails from people who have viewed "First Shoot the Lawyers" from across the country. We just keep makin' movies. We almost have a polish on "The Gun Was Loaded, Stupid!" to be released in 2018. We are in pre-production for "Is My Plumber a Psychopath", a dark comedy. Happy Trails!


July 10th, 2016... Still working on getting the deliverables to Adler and Associates Entertainment, Inc. Big job, but making progress. We are only a few weeks from completing the shooting of our fourth feature, "THE GUN WAS LOADED, STUPID!". Hope to have a polish on it by the end of the year. Cheers!


May 16th, 2016... We have been busy working on "First Shoot the Lawyers", trying to get a polish on the final cut. Getting materials ready for Adler and Associates Entertainment, Inc., a great distribution company. We are also shooting "The Gun Was Loaded, Stupid". We have 58 minutes shot and in the timeline. It's an experimental project. Hope to be complete by September 1st, 2016.


February 19th, 2016... Adler and Associates Entertainment, Inc, Hollywood, California has acquired world-wide rights to "First Shoot the Lawyers"!!! Way to go cast and crew!!!


February 6th, 2016.... Great screening at the Loft Cinema. The movie had a great turn-out and was well received. Thanks to the Loft Cinema and all who came out to view the movie. Thanks to the great cast and crew in attendance and for particiapting in the Q and A!


January 26th, 2016... "First Shoot the Lawyers" will be screened at The Loft Cinema in Tucson on Wednesday, February 3rd at 7Pm in the large theater (500 seats), and Wednesday, February 24th at 7PM in the 100-seat theater. Check it out!


December 27th, 2015... We are working on a screening of "First Shoot the Lawyers" in Tucson for early February, 2016 at a local theater. We continue to work on our fourth feature, "Demise of a Single White Male, a comedy". We expect to finish in May 2016.

October 30th, 2015... First Shoot the Lawyers was officially accepted into the Yosemite International Flim Festival and WON, "BEST SCREENPLAY". Way to go cast and crew!!


September 9th, 2015... News from MBIFF in Michigan,"The audience loved First Shoot the Lawyers"


September 5th, 2015... MBIFF in Michigan. This festival of movies was great. Just good movies and good stories. First Shoot the Lawyers was screened September 4th in South Haven, Michigan and will be screened again September 11th in Niles, Michigan. Way to go cast and crew!


September 2nd, 2015...Our movie won "Best Supporting Actress" (way to go Wynelle Waters!) and 2nd place (out of 85) in overall competition (way to go cast and crew!) First Shoot the Lawyers


September 2nd, 2015...Congratulations cast and crew! First Shoot the Lawyers is a finalist in the "Independent Film Arizona" 2015 Arizona film competition. First Shoot the Lawyers


May 4th, 2015...The movie was screened at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival April 24th, 2015 at Carmike Theaters located at Broadway on the Beach. The festival was GREAT and has been selected by Movie-Maker Magazine as top 25 and top 50. We were really glad to be a part of a festival with such high caliber movies. We won the “anything goes” category, a big surprise to all of us. Besides having exceptional movies, the festival had outstanding festivities, and the people responsible for the festival and attendees were very hospitable and generally fun. The southern food was very southern and very tasty and included a southern favorite, "sweet tea". There was wine tasting and brew from a local brewery. (In the picture to the left are Jason Smith, Chip White, (producers of "The Chess Player", a very good story with excellent acting), Aleta Doroudian, Bill Briles, and Ruth Trushin (representing "First Shoot the Lawyers"). Chip White was also winner of "best actor". Don was the photographer.

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